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Extec Imaging | Powerful Imaging Solutions:

Extec Imaging combines industry leading expertise in the fields of microscopy and digital imaging to provide the most comprehensive imaging solutions in the world. To learn more about our powerful imaging solutions, please contact us here.

Total Solutions for Your Every Need

Extec Imaging, in concert with Extec Corp. and Excel Technologies, delivers a complete range of products and services including laboratory supplies, equipment and optical instruments. For more information, please visit www.extec.com.

Upcoming Topomicroscopy Workshops:

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3D Imaging AnalysisTurnkey Solutions
3D Imaging Solutions

Extec Imaging brings new technologies together with
cutting edge hardware & software solutions to guarantee that your imaging needs are always met.


3D Imaging Analysis2D Solutions 3D Imaging Analysis

3D Imaging Solutions
Our solutions range from
basic digital photomicroscopy to
advanced image analysis
including turnkey solutions.


3D Imaging AnalysisSupport Technical and Customer Support3D Imaging Analysis
3D Imaging Solutions
Extec Imaging strives to provide
the industry's leading customer and
technical support network. For
support inquiries, please click here.
Contact our Support Staff >